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Venetian blinds

Venetian blindsVenetian blinds appeared in Venice (Italy) in 1770 and that is where the name has come from too.  


It is said that a famous Venetian merchant once had a very beautiful young wife who used to spend her days by the window waiting for her husband to come back. The merchant was very jealous for men staring at his beautiful wife every time they passed by, so he shuttered all the windows. But the wife wasn't happy anymore because home was filled with dark and coolness. That was why the merchant constructed window blinds which allowed his wife to enjoy the daylight but protected her from the eyes of strangers.




Traditional venetian aluminum blinds

Traditional venetian aluminum blinds can be fitted in between the windowpanes, to the window frame, ceiling or to the wall. With the help of a string or a stick one can easily raise or lower them, fixate in a required height or rotate in a certain angle so that a desired amount of light enters the room.




The new generation venetian blinds ISOLITE are mounted directly onto the window frame and due to the special strings they remain adjacent to the windowpane no matter what the position of the window. An important feature of ISOLITE is that the upper and lower profiles are made of aluminum and there are no steel parts; therefore, they can be used in the bathroom or kitchen where the level of humidity is higher. We can guarantee that they won’t become rusty even after several years of usage.




The new generation venetian blinds ISOSTYLE are mounted directly onto the window frame and due to the special strings they remain adjacent to the glass no matter what the position of the window. ISOSTYLE blinds are suitable for all modern plastic or wooden windows. They are operated with the help of a chain that allows raising or lowering the blinds easily.



50 mm aluminum venetian blinds

Along with a rapid increase of glass structures in the modern architecture, the demand for large sized bulky blinds is also rising. In response to the latest tendencies, Lauresta started manufacturing 50 mm wide aluminum lamella blinds designed for covering particularly large windows and glass facades.



Wooden venetian blinds

Wooden venetian blinds are made of basswood, which is known for its ability to maintain its shape and form over time. In addition, it is not branched and has a smooth pattern in its fiber. Wooden blinds lamellas are coated with a special varnish that protects against fading and moisture.

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