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Awnings are well suited for cafes and restaurants, shops and offices as well as patios, terraces and balconies. Whatever the purpose, we provide the best shade and shelter solutions for your business or home. 


The main function of awnings is protection from direct sunlight.  However, the impregnated fabric also acts as a great protection from light rain and showers so that you can make the most of your day.


There are two types of awning structures: balcony and patio.  Balcony awnings are typically smaller, have a large slope angle and are used in balconies, loggias or above the windows in order to decrease the amount of direct sunshine indoors. Meanwhile, the structure of patio awnings is much more robust and well adapted for large dimensions varying from 2 to 7 meters long. 


Balcony and patio awnings can come both with a cassette and without one. They can be operated with the help of a handle, remote controller or sun and wind sensors. 


We offer over 100 different high quality awning fabrics (awning fabric catalog).


MALTA TERRACE AWNINGS Malta terrace awnings

Malta is a new awning design for smaller terraces. A major advantage is its attractive price. 

However, the carrier structure of Malta awnings is rather  simplified and it may be worth considering another type of awnings in case the dimensions are larger or the awning is going to be installed in a windy place.




Silver plus terrace awnings

Silver Plus is an excellent choice of awnings for covering a smaller terrace in your home. Due to their lighter  structure these awnings look elegant and  refined.

Silver Plus is one of the more popular models thanks to its high quality and reasonable price.

Australia terrace awnings

Australia has a robust construction and is adapted for larger terraces. Well suited for commercial objects and businesses, too. 





Jamaica terrace awnings

Jamaica awnings have an even stronger construction and are suitable for spacious terraces. 

Due to their robust frame and elbows, Jamaica is much more stable and wind-resistant even in large dimensions. 




 Palladio terrace awnings
Palladio is a cassette terrace awning with a strong construction. The awning glides into a special cassette when closed, protecting the fabric part from dust and moisture.

Palladio requires less care and doesn’t need to be covered in the winter season.



Dakar terrace awnings

Dakar is yet another robust awning, except this model employs a full cassette that covers both the fabric and the elbows. This compact cassette has an elegant look and is very functional - it protects the whole structure from adverse atmospheric effects.  



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