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Connexoon – terrace, home and garage control

Connexoon – terrace, home and garage control


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If you wish to control your electrified terrace “smartly”, look no further than the “Connexoon” system from “Somfy” in France. This system allows to connect several electrified window covering measures together. Connexoon Terrace will allow you to control pergola roof and side coverings, while Connexoon Window will help you remotely close or open your roller blinds, blinds or curtains. Garage doors, driveway gates and lights can all be opened/closed and turned on/off via Conexoon Access. “Connexoon” smart home automation system allows custom scenarios, too.

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Connexoon is a smart way to control your home devices with the help of your smartphone.


There are three separate smartphone applications for separate spaces of your home:

  • Connexoon Window – a smartphone application to control internal and outdoor blinds, roller blinds, curtains, skylights, alarms and lights remotely;
  • Connexoon Access – a  smartphone application to control your garage doors, driveway gates, main doors, alarm and outdoor lights remotely;
  • Connexoon Terrace – a mobile smartphone to control your awnings, pergola windows and roofs, lights and music players remotely.


These applications are available in App Store (Apple iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Connexoon Window – allows you to control window coverings, alarms and lights


Connexoon Window smartphone application allows you to control the following home devices:

  • Indoor and outdoor roller blinds;
  • Indoor and outdoor blinds;
  • Curtains (with a motorised curtain track);
  • Roman blinds;
  • Velux skylights;
  • Alarms;
  • Indoor lights.

Easy to install

Simply connect your Connexoon control panel to the internet and install the smartphone application to your phone.

Easy to Use

Connexoon application allows you to control your home devices with a single tap.

Compatible with RTS and IO protocols

For your convenience, the Connexoon application is RTS and IO protocol compatible.

Less control remotes in your home

A smartphone with a smartphone application will help you to control all your devices. However, we will install additional wireless switches and a separate remote for those that feel more comfortable having them.

Automatic control based on weather conditions

Connexoon is compatible with smart temperature and sun sensors that will help you automate your window coverings, helping you keep your room cooler during summer by automatically closing your roller blinds when the weather gets hot, and the opposite during winter.

Customisable scenarios.

You can create an “Out of Home” scenario that will close all roller blinds and blinds, curtains and turn on the alarm. For your convenience, 4 scenarios have already been created for you: “I’m home”, “Out of Home”, “It’s Hot (protection from sun)”, “Some Privacy, Please”. 

More security

The timer function allows to remotely control window covering solutions, scaring off potential burglars while you are away.

Connexoon Access – allows remote control of garage doors and driveway gates, main doors, alarms and outdoor lights


Connexoon Access smartphone application allows to control the following home devices:

  • Garage doors;
  • Driveway gates;
  • Indoor and outdoor lights;
  • Indoor outlets;
  • Main doors
  • Alarm
  • Smart locks

Automatic gate control

You may, using the geolocation function, set your garage doors and driveway gates to open when you are almost home (within 50 – 250 m. distance).

Customisable scenarios

You can create an “Out of Home” scenario that will close your garage doors, driveway gates, lock your main doors, turn on the alarm and outdoor lights. 4 scenarios have already been created for you: “I’m home”, “Out of Home”, “Open Everything”, “Close Everything”. 

Connexoon Terrace – smartphone application to control your terrace remotely.


Connexoon Terrace smartphone application allows to control the following home devices:

  • Awnings;
  • Pergola roof, windows;
  • Terrace lights;
  • Stereo devices.

Automatic control based on weather conditions

By connecting smart weather sensors, you will be able to automate the dimming of your pergola to maintain optimal, comfortable temperature.


You can take a snapshot of the current pergola/awning position that can later be restored with a push of a button.

Protect your belongings

The wind got stronger while you are out of home, while the terrace awning is still retracted? Cannot remember, whether you turned off the lights in your pergola? Do not worry – with a simple tap, you can close your awning and turn off the light from your smartphone!

If you would like a “smarter” solution (for example, an ability to control all devices via the internet or a single smartphone application), we recommend TaHoma smarthome automation system. Read more about it here.

If you are interested in Connexoon home automation system, contact us and get an offer. Fill out an e-form, call us at +370 640 12345 or visit the nearest LAURESTA store.

5/5 (1 Review)

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