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Outdoor Venetian blinds

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Outdoor Venetian blinds


5/5 (2 Reviews)

Price: from 55 €




Outdoor venetian blinds are designed not only to protect the indoor spaces from direct sunlight as well as reduce the risk of a break-in. Exterior blinds are resistant to rain, snow and wind, making them the go-to choice for both private homes and commercial spaces. Our outdoor blinds are available in a broad range of colours, making it easy to match them to any building facade type and design.

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Outdoor blinds can be operated manually using a handle or a cord or automatically using a button-switch or a remote control.


The level of light that gets through the blinds can be easily controlled by adjusting the angle of the lamellae. Outdoor blind lamellas can be 50 – 90 mm wide while the lamella curvature, which can either be C, S or Z-shaped, will determine how well the interior is illuminated when the blinds are rolled down.


We highly recommend to start thinking about outdoor blinds already in the early phases of designing your building project. This way the outdoor blinds can be better integrated into the building facade.

Outdoor blind benefits:

  • Protects from direct sunlight and heat;
  • Reduces air-conditioning costs;
  • Can be operated manually or automatically;
  • Outdoor installation saves space inside;
  • Protects from sun, rain, wind, noise and break-ins;
  • Prevents furniture from bleaching;
  • Controls the levels of light indoors.


C-shaped outdoor blinds are a popular solution for the exterior of private homes and commercial buildings. C-shaped blinds come in Flexi, Slim and Duo designs. C-shaped outdoor blinds are extremely robust; they can withstand strong winds and prevent break-ins. These blinds are suitable for all types of buildings.

C shape lamellae for blinds

C-shaped lamella benefits:

  • Beaufort wind resistance score of up to 7;
  • Attached using aluminium rails or steel cords;
  • Lamellae width of 50 mm, 65 mm or 80 mm;
  • Heat retention when the blinds are shut;
  • Noise reduction;
  • Manual or automatic control;
  • Covers windows of up to 24 m2;
  • Opt for Slim and Flexi lamellae to save space when blinds are rolled up;
  • DUO system available.


The DUO system enables rotating the lamellae to different angles from the top and the bottom. DUO systems are a popular choice for conference halls and other spacious commercial spaces.

Control of window blinds

Basic C 50 lamellae colors:

C 50 basic lamellae color palette


zaliuzes lauko kaina lietuva fasadines
Basic colors of outdoor blinds
Basic lamellae colors of outdoor blinds


Outdoor blinds with lamellae curved in a Z shape are the most technologically advanced exterior blinds. Experts recommend these blinds for administrative buildings and private spaces alike. These outdoor blinds are made with 70 mm or 90 mm wide Z-shaped slats.

These blinds can be used to completely blackout the interior. In addition, they operate exceptionally silently due to a rubber stripe added to each lamella.

Z shape of outdoor blinds lamellae

Z-shaped lamella benefits:

  • Beaufort wind resistance score of up to 7;
  • Light can be almost blocked out;
  • Great thermoregulatory properties;
  • Protection against break-ins;
  • Noise reduction;
  • Optional automatic control;
  • Operates silently;
  • Covers windows of up to 24 m2.


zaliuzes lauko kaina lietuva fasadines
Basic colors of outdoor blinds
Basic lamellae colors of outdoor blinds

Additional Z 90 lamellae colors:

Z 90 additional lamellae color palette


Outdoor blinds with slats curved in S shape meet the highest criteria of exterior design. The lamellae comes in 65 mm or 90 mm width. The rubber stripe that is integrated along the slats adds superior thermoregulatory properties and enables virtually noise free operation.

Aluminium rails ensure stability in strong winds and reduce the likelihood of a break-in.

S shape outood blinds lamellae

S-shaped lamella benefits:

  • Beaufort wind resistance score of up to 8;
  • Superior design;
  • Suitable for large facades – Covers windows of up to 24 m2;
  • Great thermoregulatory properties;
  • Break-in prevention;
  • Noise reduction;
  • Silent operation.


zaliuzes lauko kaina lietuva fasadines
Basic colors of outdoor blinds
Basic lamellae colors of outdoor blinds

Superior quality and functionality make them suitable for any type of buildings


If you’re interested in outdoor venetian blinds, contact us and get an offer. Fill out an e-form, call us at +370 640 12345 or visit us at the nearest LAURESTA store.

5/5 (2 Reviews)

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