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Roller blinds for PVC windows

Roller blinds for PVC windows


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Roller blinds can be rolled up into a cassette that hides the fabric and looks aesthetically pleasing. Another advantage is that the cassette is screwed directly on to the window, while the rails are attached using glue leaving the walls and ceiling undamaged during the installation. In addition, thanks to a special rail the roller blind fabric remains securely pressed onto the window at all times.

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We offer Vega and Elegance roller blind systems that will suit any type of windows or doors.

The roller blind fabric remains pressed onto the window at all times thanks to special rails. They ensure there is no gap between the roller blind and the window which also helps to block the light and darken the room if the roller blind is opaque.

Roller blinds VEGA

Roller blinds Vega feature a special rounded cassette. They are operated with a cord and have a mechanism that allows the roller blind to be fixated in any position.


All Vega roller blind components are made of aluminium and painted or coated with a wood imitation film, while the control mechanisms and nozzles are made of the best quality plastic. There is also a cheaper plastic version available.


Vega roller blind benefits:

  • Easy to use. The roller blind is fixated in a desired position with the help of a cord. Special rails keep the blind pressed to the window even if it is open.
  • Secure installation. Roller blinds are installed directly on the window glass and keep the window frame, walls and ceiling undamaged.
  • The colour is matched with the window frame. The main components of Vega roller blind system come in white, gray, brown, anthracite or wood imitation.
  • Unobstructed space. Roller blinds do not take up space on the windowsill.
  • Easy maintenance. Vega roller blinds are operated using a cord so the fabric remains untouched and stain-free. The fabrics are impregnated and any stains are easy to remove.

Roller blinds ELEGANCE

Elegance roller blinds fixate the blind position with a cord or a spring mechanism. It is installed on the window frame, which makes them suitable for windows divided into sections.


Elegance roller blinds benefits:

  • Installation without drilling. Roller blind cassette and rails are glued directly onto the window frame, leaving the window completely intact.
  • One roller blind for all sections of the window. Installing it over the window allows this type of roller blind to be adapted to windows that are segmented into several sections.
  • These cassette roller blinds can be installed on the top or bottom of the window. Installing the roller blind on the bottom of the window allows you to dim the room from the bottom up which can be useful for rooms on the ground floor or bathrooms. We also offer an unconventional solution – installing roller blinds on both the top and the bottom of the window. If one is see-through and the other is a blackout roller blind you can use them interchangeably.

Why choose our roller blinds?

  • We offer professional advice and assistance in choosing the best roller blinds for you.
  • We regularly introduce new roller blind collections to keep up with the latest interior design trends.
  • Guaranteed quality. Materials used in our roller blind production are of the highest quality available.
  • We offer exceptional quality Oeko-tex certified fabrics for roller blinds, meaning they are produced using health and environment-friendly practices and without the use of toxic substances.
  • We cut roller blinds using ultrasound, which ensures durability and prevents tearing.
  • We make professional roller blind installation our top priority and ensure full functionality and clean and tidy finish.
  • We provide efficient warranty and after-warranty service.

Contact us for a custom offer by filling out an e-form, calling +370 640 12345 or visiting LAURESTA showroom that is closest to you.

5/5 (2 Reviews)

Customer Reviews


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