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Blinds for skylights

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Blinds for skylights


5/5 (1 Review)

Price: from 36 €




Blinds for skylights are functional and easy to maintain. We offer a broad range of colours, patterns and fabrics to choose from.

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Blinds for skylights are an aesthetic and functional window covering solution. Thanks to special rails, there is no unused space between blinds and the window, which ensures no unwanted sunlight enters your home or office. For Velux skylights we offer a blinds system called V-LITE, which will allow you to operate the blinds of skylights that are hard to reach with the use of a simple handle. You can also opt for spring or electric systems. Blinds for skylights are also suitable for rooms with a lot of moist such as bathrooms or kitchens.


Blind system V-LITE is compatible with Velux skylights and allows easy illumination control. These blinds are easy to operate even on windows that are higher up thanks to a special control handle.


V-LITE skylight blinds benefits:

  • Compatible with Velux skylights;
  • Easy to operate with a simple control handle
  • Optional spring mechanism or electric control
  • Profiles are made of anodized aluminium,
  • Blocks unwanted sunlight;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Suitable for rooms with moisture such as bathrooms or kitchens;
  • Easy to match to any interior.

Contact us for a custom offer by completing an e-form, calling +370 640 12345 or visiting a LAURESTA store closest to you.

5/5 (1 Review)

Customer Reviews


2018 06 19 order VM-006191 was placed. Framed mosquito net with magnets, 0.69x1.345, 0.655x1.345 and a Viga lid complex. No response to this day. The order was priced for 90 EUR. I...

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I’d like to thank this firm for their help in ordering a spare part. We’ve had an outdoor awning for ten years. However, it needed some replacement parts. We went to your compe...

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Genė Dobrovolskytė

Quality products for an affordable price. Thanks....

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Danute V.

Many thanks for the roller blinds Day and Night as well as quick and efficient service. I’ll surely be recommending you to my friends. Wish you best of luck!!!! Respecftully, Da...

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