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High-speed gates

Pramoniniai greitaeigiai garažo vartai
Pramoniniai greitaeigiai garažo vartai pigiau

High-speed gates


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Price: from 1999 €




High-speed gates rise and close very quickly (from 1m/s). Such operation speed is relevant for companies that require efficient industrial operation in their premises. High-speed gates offered by “Lauresta” are manufactured using sturdy steel rails with brushes. Gate segments are connected using strengthened aluminium hinge profiles.

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High-speed garage doors are manufactured from a sturdy, synthetic sheet, while their segments consist of painted steel or aluminium, which can, on demand, bet filled with polyurethane foam.

These gates operate very quickly, are wear resistant and long-lasting. They are wind and damage resistant according to the ISO 9001 standard.

High-speed gates save energy and make industrial work more efficient. They are made for precise operation. Their gears can be adjusted to choose the desired operation speed.

They are very safe – their cushioned lower profiles protect people and items from harm.

High-speed gates can be installed in both inner and external walls. A heat efficient insulated variant is also available. A special panoramic thermo-profile, a glass aluminium segment with a “cold brake”, improves heat efficiency by 30 %.

These gates will allow you to save service charges – if they are unexpectedly derailed on impact, they can be slid back into place by simply raising them up.


  • Adjustable speed;
  • Additional sensors help detect movement;
  • A cushioned lower profile will prevent fatal injuries.

Standard high-speed garage door equipment:

  1. Connected segments;
  2. Rubberised side edge;
  3. Intensive use gear;
  4. Speed adjuster;
  5. LED hazard lights;
  6. Cables;
  7. Impulse controller;
  8. A switch;
  9. Photovoltaic sensors.

Possible additions:

  1. Front gears;
  2. Insulation curtains;
  3. Transparent or perforated windows;
  4. Photovoltaic sensors;
  5. Additional control switches;
  6. Contact locks;
  7. Movement sensors;
  8. Magnetic loop detector;;Additional LED hazard lights (12V DC):
  9. Cord switches.

Available colours:

High speed gate color palette

If you are interested in high-speed gates, contact us and get an offer. Fill out an e-form, call us at +370 640 12345 or visit the nearest LAURESTA store.

5/5 (1 Review)

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