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Driveway gates

Driveway gates


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Driveway gates are different in the way they open: they can be sliding or swing (conventionally pushed open). Sliding driveway gates are most suitable for territories too small for hinged gates. This method requires less maintenances during winter. Swing gates with hinges are suitable for yards that are more spacy and have enough room to open the gates either inside or outside. Driveway gates are manufactured from a rectangular steel profile covered in plaster-phosphate primer and powder paint.

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Sliding driveway gates consist of a panel, hinges, cantilevers for automation and a support. They can be slid open either to the left or the right. Sliding driveway gates are of either one or two parts. They are controlled either manually or automatically. Most often they are installed in yards too small for swing gates. They are also a solution to small, inclined yards. Sliding driveway gates are the most convenient and practical way to fence your yard.

These garage doors also have other advantages – winter snow does not obstruct them from opening. Furthermore, because they have bottom rails, they cause no problems driving in or out the yard. Sliding gates are more convenient to use and save space – you can park your car right next to the gate and that will not obstruct them from moving. Sliding gates are manufactured from steel, coated in hot zinc and powder painted.

The way the gates look depend on the elements chosen to be installed on the gate structure. In order to completely separate your territory and create some privacy, you may want to choose closely spaced elements that obstruct any unwanted glances into your yard. If you want to separate a space without obstructing the view inside, you may choose carcass gates that can be seen through. You may also choose various fillings for your gates, like decorative wooden planks, folded metal profiles, wire nets and segments and plenty of other elements. The colour can be chosen from the RAL colour palette.

Technical features:

  • Width – up to 10 m. wide;
  • Standard height – up to 2 m. (higher variants available);
  • Galvanized cantilever;
  • Cinkuoti ratukai, važiuojantys specialiai įrengtu bėgeliu.


Conventional driveway gates consist of the panel, hinges, cantilevers for automation and a support. They are suitable for yards that have enough space to open the gates either inside or outside and are manufactured from a rectangular profile steel, covered in hot plaster and powder painted.

Technical features:

  • Width – up to 5 m (two hinges, 2.5 m each);
  • Standard height – up to 1.6 m (higher variants available);
  • Possible directions: can be opened to the yard, to the street, or be bi-directional: one side can be opened into the yard, while the other – into the street;
  • Opening angles: up to 90 degrees (adapted to each panel individually).


Driveway gate control options:

  • standard automatic – the most popular method. Allows gate control via a remote or a switch.
  • by photovoltaic sensors or a magnetic loop. Gates are opened by sensing that a car is near-by.
  • a keypad – gates are opened by entering the correct code;
  • license plate reader – gates open only for authorised vehicle license plates;
  • a keypad – gates are opened by entering the correct code.
  • a phone call;
  • a key.


For your convenience, “Lauresta” offers to connect garage doors and driveway gates into one system so you can easily control both with one, universal remote. More about automation can be read here.

If you are interested in driveway gates, contact us and get an offer. Fill out an e-form, call us at +370 640 12345 or visit the nearest LAURESTA store.

5/5 (1 Review)

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