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Motorised curtain tracks

Motorised curtain tracks


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Motorised curtain tracks are perfectly suited not only for bigger flat, loft or home panoramic windows, but for conventional windows too. They ensure the feeling of modernity and comfort in your home. They are a salvation for owners of bigger windows, saving them from the need to open them by hand. These are not the only advantages of electric curtain tracks, as they are also very quiet and have a compact and aesthetic electric motor that allows to easily match them to any interior design.

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Motorised curtain tracks are reliable and simple to control, while their contemporary design allows them to be adapted to any interior. The tracks themselves operate very quietly and appropriately, protecting your curtain fabric from damage. Additionally, a patented motorised curtain track motor is designed in a way that makes it nearly invisible behind curtains. It can be installed on either side of the curtain track – either on the left, or the right, or, if there is enough space, it can be installed on top of the curtain track too.

Motorised curtain tracks create an impression of modern home. They can be controlled via a remote, a website, or a smartphone application.


Motorised curtain tracks are installed as close to the ceiling as possible – this helps to create an impression of a larger room, which is very important for flats with lower ceilings.

motorized curtain track comparison table:

Motorised curtain tracks


  1. Saves time –  all curtains can be opened with a single tap of your smartphone (via an application). The motor can also be controlled via a switch, allowing you to adjust their position anywhere in the room. Probably the most convenient and popular solution – a wireless switch next to the bed that will guarantee easy and fast adjustment of your motorised curtain track.
  2. Can be controlled manually toIs your smartphone/remote in the kitchen, but you really need to close the curtain? Give them a gentle tug and they will close on their own (Touch Motion function). This will also allow you to close them even then the power is out or the battery is empty.
  3. Safer. Motorised curtain tracks allow to set a precise open / closing time for your curtains, as well as desired position. This allows you to create an illusion of someone being home even when the home is empty, scaring off would-be burglars and intruders.
  4. Increase the lifecycle of your curtains.. You will be protecting your curtain fabric by having a motor operate them gently instead of having to open and close them manually. This will allow you to enjoy your curtains longer.
  5. Durability. Motorised curtain tracks can withstand a lot of weight – up to 60 kg. This makes them suitable for thick, heavy night curtains, too. Their rail length is 3 – 10.9 m, allowing them to be installed even in the biggest of rooms.
  6. Quiet operation. Even though the motor is powerful, it operates surprisingly quietly – up to 44 dBA) and does not emit any annoying noise.
  7. Less remotes. A single smartphone application will be enough to control your motorised curtain track. However, we can install additional wireless switches and remotes on demand.
  8. Automatic control based on weather conditions.It is possible to connect smart weather and sun sensors that automate curtain opening and closing depending on the temperature. This system will close the curtains during a sunny day to prevent the room from getting uncomfortably hot.
  9. Adapted to you. You can customise the operation speed, start and stop positions, as well as set a customised curtain position to use with a press of a button.
  10. Suitable for commercial spaces too. Motorised curtain tracks are not only a good home addition, but well suited for offices, various commercial spaces, concert halls and theatres too.

Enjoy a modern and practical curtain system in your home or work environment in maximum comfort!


“Lauresta” motorised curtain tracks are compatible with 3 types of curtains:

Motorised curtain tracks offer several curtain positions:

Curtain track profile can be bended up to 90 degrees to create a semi-circle or circle shaped curtains:


  • A remote;
  • Wireless or wired switch;
  • Internet, mobile phone or TaHoma smart home application;
  • Smart weather sensors will automate your curtains to match the weather conditions to ensure a comfortable temperature in your room. Read more here.


This motorised curtain track requires to be constantly connected to a power source, meaning wiring needs to be installed.


Features of MOVELITE 35 motorised curtain track:

  • Very quiet;
  • Compliant with European Union safety standards;
  • Can be connected to the myLink system to operate the curtains by voice commands;
  • Timers, temperature and light sensors can be connected to automate curtain operation;
  • The motor can be installed either on the sides or the top of the track;
  • Can be connected to a smart-home system;
  • A simple tug will trigger the automatic operation of the curtain;
  • Two curtain positions available: to one side, or from the centre to both sides.
motorized curtain track lithuania somfy


A motorised curtain track with Lithium-ion battery. Wireless curtain tracks do not require a constant power source and is therefore convenient in spaces that make wiring difficult. It has an amazing battery – one full charge will last you several months. This motorised curtain track is controlled via a remote.



  • No need for wiring;
  • Easy installation;
  • Can be controlled via the internet or smart devices (computer, smartphone or tablet);
  • A fully charged battery will last you several months;
  • Timers, temperature and light sensors can be connected to automate the curtain operation;
  • Notifies you when the battery is running out;
  • 4 possible operation speeds to choose from;
  • Stop position can be customised;
  • Can be programmed to have a “slightly-open” curtain position;
  • Curtains can be hand operated when the power is out;
  • Gently tugging your curtains will trigger the motor and they will open or close accordingly;
  • Two operation positions: to one side or from the centre to the sides.
motorized curtain track lithuania somfy


This motorised curtain track is suitable for heavy curtains. It requires a constant power source, therefore, additional wiring will be needed.



  • Consistent power required;
  • Simple installation;
  • Can be controlled via the internet or smart devices (computer, smartphone, tablet);
  • Can be automatized with weather and sun sensors;
  • Four operation speeds available to choose from;
  • Possibility to customise the stop position;
  • A “slightly-open” curtain position can be programmed;
  • Curtains can be opened/closed manually when there is no power;
  • A gentle tug will triggers the curtain track to open or close accordingly;
  • Two closing positions: to one side, or from the centre to the sides;
  • Soft start/stop;
  • RTS protocol;
  • Infrared operation (RS485);
  • Compatible with other devices: Z-Wave®, ZigBee®;
  • Timer;
  • LED indicators;
  • Motor direction can be changed;
  • An option to reset to factory settings;
motorized curtain track lithuania somfy

If you are interested in motorised curtain tracks, contact us and get an offer. Fill out an e-form, call us at +370 640 12345 or visit the nearest LAURESTA store.

3.9/5 (7 Reviews)

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