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Roller blinds for skylights

Roller blinds for skylights


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Functional roller blinds easily suited for all types of skylights, even those located very high, and rooms like attics, upper house floors or offices. “Lauresta” offers you to choose a roller blind that is most suitable for you: R Lite, Decolux or roller blinds that are fastened with hooks.

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Roller blinds for skylights are a system that is especially effective for inclined windows. Roller blinds for skylights are usually installed in attics, upper house floors or offices. They are a very practical choice for covering your skylights.

There are plenty of fabrics to choose from for skylight roller blinds. You may decide to go with traditional textile fabrics, however, we recommend those that are heat resistant.


Glasgard fabrics – reduce the infiltration of infrared beams into rooms, block sunlight, while a special metal coloured fabric reflects sunlight, protecting the room from heating during summer and from cooling during winter. Roller blinds with this kind of fabric protect various screens from sun reflections and allow unobstructed view outside.

Screen fabrics – allow natural light to pass through while protecting displays and screens from reflections caused by the sun. This is a great choice for rooms with computers and TV.

Blackout fabrics – completely opaque. Effectively protects the room from heat. Best choice for bedrooms.


Roller blinds for skylights “System R-Lite” – suitable for all sorts of skylights. This system ensures effective tensioning of the fabric even on the most inclined of windows. High quality aluminum construction along with an appropriately chosen fabric will guarantee an effective illumination control in the room. Special rails effectively hold the fabric, leaving not even a smallest space between the roller blind and the window.


Roller blinds for skylights – advantages of the “System R-lite”:

• Suitable for all types of skylights, including “Velux”;

• Does not bulge due to wear, is tightly tensioned;

• Does not take up much space due to being installed close to the window;

• Does not take up much space due to being installed close to the window;

• Easy to control even on the hardest to reach windows;

• Can be adapted to any kind of interior;

• Profiles manufactured from anodized aluminium;

• Helps to reduce sunlight.

Decolux roller blind fabric is concealed by an elegant cassette. A spring mechanism is used for the installation of the roller blind. The roller blind itself can be fixed into any position with the help of special rails without the need of hooks at the side of the window. The aforementioned skylight roller blinds are preferred due to not leaving any spaces between the rails and the roller blind corners, eliminating the possibility of any light being able to pass through. Additionally, by ordering a special handle, you can even control a roller blind that’s installed in a very high up skylight with ease.


The pros of roller blind system “Decolux”:

• Suitable for all skylight types (including Velux);

• No light enters the room due to rails leaving no empty spaces at the sides of the roller blind;

• The system can be chosen to either be gray or wood-coloured;

• Roller blinds installed on even the highest of skylights can be controlled by a special handle;

• Roller blind is automatically fixed at a desired position;

• Easily blends in with the interior.

Roller blinds for skylights that can be fixed at a certain position with the help of hooks  is the simplest of choices available. In this case, the fabric, with the help of a spring mechanism, is rolled up into the shaft on the top of the window. The more aesthetic choice – the shaft is concealed with an aluminium cover and is therefore less visible. Regardless, both of those options will still leave a small space between the fabric and the window frame, allowing light to pass by. Therefore, if you’d like your roller blinds to not pass any light through at all, you should choose either “Decolux” or “R-lite” roller blind systems.


If you are interested in roller blinds for skylights, contact us and get an offer. Fill out an e-form, call us at +370 640 12345 or visit us at a nearest LAURESTA store.

5/5 (1 Review)

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