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Garage door automation

Garage door automation


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“Lauresta” has an automation solution for all types of garage doors. We will help you choose and make the best decision. We only offer products from reliable and recognized manufacturers like Came, Somfy and BFT. You may choose the control method best suited for you: a switch, a remote, a key-card or a smartphone. What is more, all our garage door automation systems come with a manual unblock function that allows you to open the garage doors during power outages. Automation can be installed for all types of gates, including swing gates, sliding gates, garage doors, industrial gates and high-speed gates.

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You should pay attention to the following criteria when choosing your gate automation systems: gate width, weight and frequency of use. The power of the gearbox, as well as the method of opening, will depend on it.

You may also want to pay attention to other gate automation factors:

  • Power;
  • Speed;
  • Methods of control;
  • Additions.

Gate automation/gears consist of:

  • A shaft structure that rotates the gate spring shaft and is mounted on the wall. Such gears are usually mounted with big and frequently used gates (industrial, for example);
  • Automatic with a tube / rails. Installed next to the ceiling. Such gears are usually installed in less frequently used gates (for example, home garages).

For small household gates, smaller automation mechanism with a tube is recommended, while industry gates may rely on both. However, shaft gears are more popular. If the garage is too small for a tube system, a shaft system is installed. However, shaft systems are more expensive than caber systems.

Standard contents of garage door automation:

  • A gear;
  • Control box;
  • Rearwards movement limiter;
  • Gear belts;
  • Cogwheels;
  • Fastening parts;
  • Antenna;
  • Remote.

Additional elements available:

  • GSM controller – allows the gate to be opened via a phone call;
  • External receiver – allows connecting driveway gates and garage doors so they can be synchronised;
  • Control with a single remote;
  • A hazard light;
  • Pillars with photoelectric sensors.

Methods of control for your convenience:

  • Standard automatic – the gate is opened with a remote or a switch;
  • Photo sensors or a magnetic loop – gates open when they sense a car approaching;
  • License plate reader – gates open only for authorised vehicle license plates;
  • Keypad – gates open after entering a correct key combination;
  • Phone call;
  • Key.

Those striving for the smartest solution (for example, smart sensors for your gates), home automation system TaHoma might be the ideal choice. Read more here.

Other advantages of gate automation

Protection from getting crushed

Automation systems have a fail-safe that immediately stops the gate if they detect a slightest obstacle in the way. This system protects people from harm and items from damage. “Lauresta” recommends wireless light sensors to be installed. They scan for obstacles in their way and stop the gates from closing if anything is in their way.

Gate automation against burglary

Whenever automated gates close, they engage a mechanical lock that prevents the gates from being forcefully pulled open, meaning they are immediately sealed and locked, protecting you from home invasion. This lock works mechanically, meaning it can be used even when the power is out.

Softly gain momentum – softly come to a stop      

The gates preserve themselves from long term damage by softly gaining momentum and avoiding abrupt stops that wear the gates in the long run.

Emergency opening during power outages

All automated garage doors have an emergency handle that allows opening the garage door even during power outage. It also ensures that burglars cannot access your garage even when the power is out.

“Lauresta” offers professional help with choosing the best suitable automation system for you, as well as installing it. We ensure warranty and out-of-warranty service for all automation systems we install.

Gate automation is beneficial for convenient operation, as well as safety and security. “Lauresta” offers products from the following reliable and recognized manufacturers that comply with all safety and reliability standards:

  • Sommer
  • Came
  • Somfy
  • BFT

Garage doors is a long-term investment, meaning one should choose the product with the best customer support.

Industrial gate automation

Industrial gates require sturdier, more powerful and more durable automation systems due to their frequency of use.


Industrial gate automation features:

  • Extended programming possibilities;
  • Additional lightning;
  • Bigger variety of remote control choices;
  • Quality, wear-resistant parts and mechanisms.


For special use cases, “Lauresta” offers automation systems with additional safety and fire safety features for industrial gates.

Contact us and get an offer for your garage door automation needs. Fill out an e-form, call us at +370 640 12345, or visit the nearest LAURESTA store.

5/5 (1 Review)

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