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Retractable fly screens

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Retractable fly screens


5/5 (3 Reviews)

Price: from 112 €




Retractable fly screens are a great solution to the threshold problem and therefore the most optimal choice for doors. The threshold in this system is extremely low and nearly invisible (up to 8mm), while the net folds just as compactly as a roller-based net. Additionally, since they have a low threshold without any tensioned springs, these fly screens are safe for children, unlike the roller-based screens. Retractable fly screens are easy to use – they can be opened and closed with a slight push.

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Retractable fly screens are a modern solution that effectively protects rooms from mosquitos, flies, as well as dust and other allergens

while allowing you to enjoy fresh outdoor air. Contemporary fly screens are nearly invisible and do not obstruct the view outside.

Retractable fly screens are a great solution to the threshold, since in this system it is extremely low and nearly invisible (4mm to 8 mm). Therefore, it is safe for children.

“Lauresta” clients say state that these fly screens exceed their expectations by protecting their rooms from light rain, so they need not to worry have they left their windows or doors open during rain.

Retractable fly screens are also known for several other advantages: the net is manufactured from a weather proof glass fibre coated in PVC. The net fabric is very thick and of grey colour, making it nearly invisible and preventing it from dimming the room. Monolithic aluminium profiles are powder coated and therefore corrosion-proof.

Retractable fly screens can be connected in order to cover a bigger width. The amount of connectable profiles is unlimited.


Standard colours for retractable fly screens are: white, brown, anthracite and wood imitation (cherry wood or golden oak). However, you may also choose the colour yourself from the RAL colour palette.


White mosquito nets frame color


Brown mosquito nets frame color


Anthracite mosquito nets frame color


Wooden dark brown imitation mosquito nets frame color

New generated retractable fly screens without a threshold

For those looking for highest quality contemporary protection from mosquitos and other insects, “Lauresta” presents the new generation retractable fly screens without a threshold. Retractable fly screens of this type are exceptional because in place of the standard 4-8 mm threshold they are equipped with an especially low plastic threshold of 1-2 mm. They are advantageous for their safety: children will not trip over the threshold, and the hardly visible stripe will not obstruct inhabitants with wheelchairs (a standard threshold makes it hard to ride through the doors with a wheelchair). They also provide additional comfort for household chores: the low threshold will not get in the way of your mop.

Contact us for a custom offer by completing an e-form, calling +370 640 12345 or visiting a LAURESTA store closest to you.

5/5 (3 Reviews)

Customer Reviews


2018 06 19 order VM-006191 was placed. Framed mosquito net with magnets, 0.69x1.345, 0.655x1.345 and a Viga lid complex. No response to this day. The order was priced for 90 EUR. I...

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I’d like to thank this firm for their help in ordering a spare part. We’ve had an outdoor awning for ten years. However, it needed some replacement parts. We went to your compe...

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Genė Dobrovolskytė

Quality products for an affordable price. Thanks....

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Danute V.

Many thanks for the roller blinds Day and Night as well as quick and efficient service. I’ll surely be recommending you to my friends. Wish you best of luck!!!! Respecftully, Da...

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