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Terrace awnings

Terrace awnings


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Terrace awnings can be custom made in various sizes, shapes, fabrics and fitted with different mechanisms. These awnings provide shade and protection from direct sunlight as well as light rain.

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Thanks to their robust construction, terrace awnings can cover patios and balconies that are up to 2-7 metres wide. They can be operated either manually with a handle, switch or a remote control. You can opt for automated awnings that will adjust their position based on weather conditions: an awning will either roll out or roll up based on the presence of sunlight, wind, or rain. Automated awnings are ideal for outdoor cafes, restaurants as well as private home patios or balconies. These awnings are cheaper than their awnings with a cassette.


More awning fabric colors can be found here.

Awning  Malta

This is a new, light and easy to install awning type for small terraces. A huge benefit is an extruded aluminum construction and an attractive pricing. However, the light construction makes this type of awning unsuitable for larger terraces or windy locations.

Malta terrace awning yard discounts restaurant

Awning SilverPlus features: 

A great choice for small backyard terraces. These SilverPlus awnings feature high quality, affordable price and a lighter construction, which gives them a classy appearance.

Markizių SilverPlus savybės:

  • Extruded aluminium structure;
  • An additional hood can be installed to protect the awning fabric from the elements;
  • Optional awning folding arms.
Silverplus awning promotion cheaper price

Awning Australia features:

  • Extruded aluminium structure;
  • Optional awning folding arms.
Australia terrace awning good price sale

Awning Jamaica 

These awnings are sturdy and well suited for large terraces and commercial spaces. Robust frame and folds ensure that these awnings remain stable during strong wind.

Awning Jamaica features:

  • Extruded aluminium structure;
  • Optional awning folding arms;
  • An additional hood can be installed to protect the fabric from the elements.
Jamaica terrace awning with shell prices

Awning Giant

Awnings with a robust structure, suitable for the largest terraces and commercial spaces. This awning can cover an area of up to 5 meters in projection (depth).

Awning Giant features:

  • Extruded aluminium structure;
  • An additional hood can be installed to protect the fabric from the elements.
Awning Giant for large terraces prices

Contact us for a custom offer by completing an e-form, calling +370 640 12345 or visiting a LAURESTA store closest to you.

5/5 (1 Review)

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