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Panel tracks

Panel tracks

A new and appealing version of vertical blinds, called panel tracks, is becoming more and more popular. They are similar to vertical blinds in that the strips of panel tracks can be moved from the sides toward the center or one way to either side with the help of a string. Unlike vertical blinds though, panel tracks can be up to 1 m wide.


Although panel tracks are one of the many window treatment tools, they have immediately attracted attention because they are sort of a midway between the curtains and vertical blinds, both modern and cozy. Usually they are chosen by people who wish to cover large glass walls or create a visual partition in a room. Panel tracks can be up to 8 m wide, while the height is unlimited. The bottom of panel tracks is not connected so they move freely and are more durable than vertical blinds for example.


We manufacture panel tracks from special 1 m wide Swedish strips; otherwise you may choose a fabric from the textile roller blinds catalogue. Those who enjoy renewing their home interior frequently just have to select a different fabric – there is no need to change the whole panel tracks system. This way you may dim the rooms more in the summer season and less in the winter, or vice versa.


There are different control systems for panel tracks. Besides pulling a string and moving the bands toward the center or sides, you may opt for a different system. Each band can be controlled separately using a stick, this way giving the room a new look each time one of the bands is adjusted.


Panel tracks Panel tracks Panel tracks


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