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Venetian blinds

Venetian blindsVenetian blinds appeared in Venice (Italy) in 1770 and that is where the name has come from too.  


It is said that a famous Venetian merchant once had a very beautiful young wife who used to spend her days by the window waiting for her husband to come back. The merchant was very jealous for men staring at his beautiful wife every time they passed by, so he shuttered all the windows. But the wife wasn't happy anymore because home was filled with dark and coolness. That was why the merchant constructed window blinds which allowed his wife to enjoy the daylight but protected her from the eyes of strangers.


Venetian blinds Later such blinds became popular not only in Venice, but all around the world due to their efficiency and today they are considered to be classic already.


Advantages of Venetian blinds:

• Reflects sunlight and heat;
• Allows easy light adjustment in the room;
• Elegant and decorative appearance;
• Durable;
• Easy to use and maintain;
• Low price.

Venetian blinds are easy aplicable to any kind of windows and interior. "Lauresta" manufactures aluminium Venetian blinds of 16 mm, 25 mm 50 mm width slat and wooden blinds of 25 mm 50 mm width slat. We offer a wide variety of colours and many options for installation (to the alcove or on the alcove, between glazing, on the window frame, etc.), so you will choose the one which suits you the best easily.
Moreover, we manufacture exterior window blinds which protect the room from heat most efficiently, that's why they are so popular in Europe.


Venetian blinds 
 Venetian blinds Venetian blinds 

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