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Venetian blinds



Traditional venetian aluminum blinds

Traditional venetian aluminum blinds can be fitted in between the windowpanes, to the window frame, ceiling or to the wall. With the help of a string or a stick one can easily raise or lower them, fixate in a required height or rotate in a certain angle so that a desired amount of light enters the room.

These blinds are also suitable for skylights. In that case they are attached with strings and move along with the window. Traditional venetian aluminum blinds The blinds can be controlled automatically with a switch or a remote control.


Venetian blinds are made of 16 mm and 25 mm aluminum lamellas that are coated with an anti-static unfading paint and therefore don’t attract dust or lose their color due to the sun for years.

We offer a wide selection of colors; lamellas can be white, colored, embossed, polished or perforated. Laminated wood imitation blinds are also available. The profiles are made of steel; their colors are matched to lamellas. 

We also manufacture 50 mm venetian aluminum blinds .

Traditional venetian aluminum blindsTraditional venetian aluminum blinds

Traditional venetian aluminum blinds

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