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Venetian blinds




The new generation venetian blinds ISOSTYLE are mounted directly onto the window frame and due to the special strings they remain adjacent to the glass no matter what the position of the window. ISOSTYLE blinds are suitable for all modern plastic or wooden windows. They are operated with the help of a chain that allows raising or lowering the blinds easily.


Advantages of ISOSTYLE:

  • Protect from sunlight effectively
  • Give an aesthetic look
  • Durable
  • Simple to use

The upper and lower profiles are made of steel and colored in white, beige, silver, light brown or dark brown colors.


ISOSTYLE blinds are made of 16 mm and 25 mm wide aluminum lamellas that are coated with an anti-static unfading paint and therefore don’t attract dust or lose their color due to the sun for years. We offer a wide selection of lamella styles: they can be white, colored, embossed, polished or perforated. Laminated wood imitation blinds are also available.


These blinds are more closed because instead of a string passing through lamellas as in traditional venetian blinds, ISOSTYLE blinds have a 4 mm textile tape making the holes almost invisible. We also offer a PRIVATE blinds system that will darken the indoor areas even more. Unlike in other blinds, the holes are completely invisible. That comes in especially handy for residents of lower floors since the blinds become completely impenetrable from the outside.


The manufacturer of the ISOSTYLE system is a Czech company Isotra. Lauresta is the exclusive distributor of these blinds in Lithuania.


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