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Venetian blinds



50 mm aluminum venetian blinds

Along with a rapid increase of glass structures in the modern architecture, the demand for large sized bulky blinds is also rising. In response to the latest tendencies, Lauresta started manufacturing 50 mm wide aluminum lamella blinds designed for covering particularly large windows and glass facades.

These blinds are known for their strong durable construction. The upper profile is 58x51 mm in diameter and is made of steel. The blinds are mounted into a niche, to a wall or to the ceiling.


50 mm aluminum lamellas can be white, colored or wood imitation; the color of the profiles is also matched accordingly.

Usually an electronic control is used for these blinds, making it easier to raise or lower them as well as adjust the position of the lamellas.


 50 mm aluminum venetian blinds   50 mm aluminum venetian blinds


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