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Venetian blinds



Wooden venetian blinds

Wooden venetian blinds are made of basswood, which is known for its ability to maintain its shape and form over time. In addition, it is not branched and has a smooth pattern in its fiber. Wooden blinds lamellas are coated with a special varnish that protects against fading and moisture.


We offer wooden venetian blinds made of two different sized lamellas. The narrow, 25 mm wide lamella wooden blinds look better on smaller windows, while wider, 50 mm lamella blinds are more suitable for covering larger areas.

Wooden venetian blinds
Wooden venetian blinds
Wooden venetian blinds 

There are two kinds of systems for wooden venetian blinds: Standard and Classic. The Classic system features an authentic vintage open mechanism – such wooden blinds are particularly suitable for classic, Provencial or vintage-style interiors. If requested, we can produce wooden
Wooden venetian blindsblinds with an electric control. 


Maximum height of wooden blinds is 2.80 m, recommended height being up to 2.5 m. However, it should be borne in mind that the package of raised wooden blinds represents around 20% of its total height and the weight of 1 m2 is around 2 kg.


25 mm wooden blinds color palette


 2710  2711  2713 2715


50 mm wooden blinds color palette


 5010  5011  5013  5015
 5016  5019  5020  5021
 5023  5024  5025  

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