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Facade blinds
 Facade blinds are also known as retractable external venetian blinds. External blind strips (lamellas) are 50 to 90 mm wide and can be bent into ‘C’, ‘S’, or ‘Z’ shape.

CETTA 50  

Cetta 50Cetta 50 is a universal type of facade blinds, made of 50 mm wide C-shaped lamellas. These external blinds are secured with aluminum guides on the sides or strained steel cables.  Cetta 50 is manufactured with precision and meets the highest quality standards.


Cetta 65 external blinds are made of 65 mm C-shaped lamellas that are rebated throughout its length, and are therefore more robust and resistant to various natural factors. These external blinds are installed with aluminum guides on the sides or strained steel cables. Aluminum guides secure a higher stability in strong winds and help to reduce the risk of a burglary even more.



Cetta 80 are the most popular façade blinds in Western Europe, especially appreciated by house owners for their delicate appearance. These blinds are made of 80 mm wide C-shaped lamellas.



Facade blinds series Zetta are the most technologically advanced; specialists recommend using them for administrative buildings as well as private homes. Zetta 70 is made of 70 mm wide Z-shaped lamellas.




Zetta 90 facade blinds, just as Zetta 70, is distinguished by the most advanced technology. Zetta 90 is made of 90 mm Z-shaped lamellas and is therefore more robust and suitable for larger facades than Zetta 70.



Setta 65 is developed with the highest requirements of exterior design in mind, and is made of 65 mm S-shaped lamellas. Thanks to a gum placed along entire strips, these external blinds have an increased thermoregulation; the gum also helps the blinds to operate more quietly.



Setta 90, just like Setta 65, features a unique design and is made of 90 mm S-shaped lamellas. These external blinds look extremely well on large façades.

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