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Mosquito nets

 Mosquito nets for windows and doors, also known as insect screens, are the most up-to-date solution for an effective protection against mosquitos, flies and other insects for your home. These modern nets are extremely convenient, 100 percent efficient and almost invisible.


Mosquito nets are easily adaptable for all kinds of aluminum, plastic or wooden doors and windows. The nets are fitted from the inside of the room and are therefore easy to use for people living on the upper floors. However, it is very important to choose the right type of screens; otherwise, further use of the windows or doors may be hindered. This year "Lauresta" has introduced the second generation pleated mosquito nets, which are far superior to the regular framed, or roller insect screens.


Mosquito nets are not only a reliable and effective, but also a long-lasting protection against insects. The net is made of an atmospheric corrosion-resistant top quality fiberglass, covered with a PVC layer. The mesh is particularly thin and has a grey shade that makes it barely visible and prevents from darkening the rooms, while the aluminum profiles are powder-coated and therefore corrosion-resistant.


Colors available for mosquito net profiles:

 Colors available for mosquito net profiles


Our clients have noticed that the insect screens perform other functions as well. For example, they protect from drizzle and light rain, so one does not need to worry about water entering the room through an open window. Conveniently, it also prevents from watermarks forming on the window surface. Moreover, pet lovers may rest assured that their careless kitten will not leave through a window or door that has been left ajar.




Framed insect screens Due to their simple structure, framed insect screens are the cheapest. The net profiles are fitted to the window frame and attached using magnets or special adjustable brackets. These insect nets are easy to assemble and disassemble in the end of the summer season.


Framed insect screens may also be mounted to a wall opening or an outdoor terrace. A supplementary brush can be installed if needed to offset any unevenness of the slot and prevent insects from entering the room through cracks and crevices.


We produce 3 types of framed insect screens: Delta and Delta Soft with adjustable brackets as well as Lesta with a magnetic strip. 


Delta Delta is the cheapest insect screen option, fitted to a window frame with adjustable brackets. We recommend using an additional transverse profile for the mesh measures exceeding 150 cm for an increased stability. Colors available for the Delta frames: white, brown and wood imitation (golden oak).





Delta Soft

Delta Soft is also installed with adjustable brackets, yet it has a sturdier profile than the Delta insect screen and adds more elegance to your home. Due to the solid structure there is no need to use transverse profiles even for larger mesh dimensions. In addition, the Delta Soft insect screens may be adapted to trapeze shaped windows. Colors available: white and brown.




Lesta Lesta is fitted to the window frame using a magnetic strip. The magnets we use are strong and keep the insect nets from falling out even in stronger winds. You can easily take measurements of a Lesta mosquito net yourself while the magnetic system makes it particularly easy to use, all of which making Lesta the most popular insect screen we produce. Available in white and brown.


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Roller insect screens Roller insect screens are fitted to a window frame or stationary to a niche. Thanks to its spring mechanism, it retracts easily by gliding inside the cassette above or on the side. Dense brush stripes on the rim of the structure guarantee complete protection and keep even the smallest of insects out of your home.


This type of mosquito net is also suitable to use on doors. However, there is a slight disadvantage – roller insect screens have a fairly tall threshold on the lower part that may cause discomfort if the doors are used more frequently.


Standard colors for roller insect screens are white and brown.


Find out the price for a mosquito net for your window by filling out this inquiry!



Pleated mosquito nets

In response to our clients’ requests, "Lauresta" proudly represents the second-generation pleated mosquito nets that are even more efficient and technically advanced. Due to their unique features, pleated mosquito nets are the most appropriate treatment for doors.


First of all, pleated mosquito nets solve the threshold problem. The threshold for these nets is exceptionally low and almost invisible – only up to 8 mm, while allowing the mesh to retract just as easily as with roller insect screens.


This net is especially children friendly not only due to the low threshold, but also because this system does not use a tense spring mechanism like the roller screen net does. The pleated mosquito net is very easy to use – you can open or close it effortlessly by pushing it lightly with your hand. If the mesh is accidently pushed out from its track, it can be easily restored to its place. 


Standard colors for the pleated mosquito net profiles are white, brown, anthracite and wood imitation (cherry tree).


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Pleated mosquito net


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