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Bamboo roller blinds

Roller blinds produced from bamboo are the best fit for calm and nature inspired interiors.

Outdoor roller blinds

Installed directly on the outer window frame, outdoor blinds effectively heat-proof the house.

Roller blinds for skylights

Skylight roller blinds are suitable for skylights in the attics, upper house floors and offices.

Electric roller blinds

Electric roller blinds can be operated with remote control or a smartphone app for maximum comfort.

For non standard windows

Venetian, pleated, vertical blinds are considered best for windows with non-standard shapes and s...

Blinds for skylights

Blinds are suitable for all types of skylights (including “Velux”). Easy to operate.

Stiklinių stogų uždanga Veranda

Tekstilinė uždanga stikliniams pavėsinių stogams, pasvirusiems langams, žiemos sodams ir kt.

Stiklinių stogų uždangos

Stiklinių, polikarbonatinių pavėsinių stogams: roletai, dvigubos plisuotos žaliuzės, markizės

Infrared heaters

Infrared patio heaters warm the human body rather than the whole environment.

Framed mosquito nets

Attached from the outside with magnets and special brackets. Can be removed in the winter.

Roller fly screens

Can be rolled up into a cassette on the top or to the side. No need to dismount after the summer.


Antialerginiai tinkleliai

Sulaiko 90-100% žiedadulkių. Sertifikuoti. Apsaugo nuo uodų, pūkų, dulkių. Rėminiai arba varstomi.